Yellow Cab's effort to help our community in a positive way begins and ends with safety.

  • Yellow Cab fully sponsors the Safe Ride Home Program year-round for participating bars and restaurants.  Safe Ride Home is designed for patrons that have driven to a participating establishment and have made the decision not to drive home due to intoxication.  Once the patron notifies the manager that they need to use Safe Ride Home, the manager will arrange with Yellow Cab for the patron to receive a safe, free ride home.  The patron will receive their car keys once they reach their home.  This program has been blessed by MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving).  
  • Taxis on Patrol (TOPS) is a program introduced by Yellow Cab. This program allows us to aide local law enforcment in their efforts to keep our communities safe. All Yellow Cabs are equipped with ‘in vehicle’ cameras that can be used to record events, crimes, suspicious behavior or abuse/neglect and then reported to local authorities.  Yellow Cab serves as an extra set of eyes and ears to help keep our communities safe.
  • Yellow Cab promotes a “Pink Ride” taxi annually to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Research. A portion of each taxi fare from this taxicab is donated to Breast Cancer Research each year.